Mentorship Program Kick-Off

Dear Graduate and Early Career Caucus members,

In the course of our first year of work we have heard from many of you that cultivating mentorship relationships is high on your list of priorities. The HSS Executive Office, in partnership with the Women’s Caucus and the GECC, would like to pilot a small-scale mentorship program at the Pittsburgh meeting. The scope of a relationship between mentor and mentee can vary a great deal, and at this point we do not yet have the infrastructure to develop full-scale mentoring relationships. Nevertheless, we do believe that we can identify advanced scholars who can help familiarize early career members with the “flow” of the meeting, protocol, etc. We can also make it easier for junior scholars to identify potential mentors at the meeting – most probably by designating such individuals with a star or dot on their name badge.

If you are interested in participating as a mentee in this pilot program, please send your email address, phone number, field, and any other information pertinent for the pairing process to Joan Cadden (, who has kindly volunteered to help with this initiative. Also, keep an eye out for mentor-volunteers at the meeting this year – strike up a conversation with people at social events or after panels. We will discuss ways to expand this program during our annual meeting Friday from 12:15-1:30 and we will take initial feedback via the blog after the meeting. With this feedback the GECC will continue to work actively with the HSS Executive Committee, the Women’s Caucus, and other interest groups to build opportunities for our members to connect with advanced scholars in their fields.


Door Prizes for GECC Meeting

Due to a generous donation from HSS member Mary Ann Andrei, GECC will be offering raffle prizes to two lucky graduate students and early career scholars who attend the GECC meeting.  The meeting will be held on Saturday, November 8, 2008 at 12-1:15 pm in Carnegie III—Conference floor.

Each raffle prize consists of a $50 reimbursement towards the cost of registration for the HSS 2008 meeting in Pittsburgh.

Special thanks to Mary Ann Andrei and Matthew White at the HSS office for making this possible.