Many Thanks

The GECC has benefited from the activity and aid of so many people in preparation for this year’s HSS meeting.  We especially want to recognize the following people for their support.

HSS Executive Director, Jay Malone, for his consistent concern for the welfare of grads and early careerists in HSS.
HSS Office Manager, Virginia Hessels, for her generous responses to inquiries and management of key programs.
HSS Graduate Assistant, Matthew White, for indefatigable emailing, an early morning meeting, and great ideas.

HSS President, Jane Maienschein, for her attendence and advice at the GECC business meeting.
HSS Past President, Joan Cadden, for so ably steering the pilot mentoring program.

Marsha Richmond and the Women’s Caucus for their support of the mentoring program.
We especially appreciate those who served as Mentors for our caucus members this year.

Roger Turner, for his help with the session “From Dissertation to Book”
Suzanne Fischer, for our Facebook page and for her posts about the GECC at Public Historian
Christine Manganaro, for organizing (!) our first GECC happy hour at the Church Brewery

The officers would also like to thank all of the graduate students and early career scholars who attended GECC-sponsored events at this year’s HSS in Pittsburgh!  The roundtable discussion, From Dissertation to Book, was a success because of your interest and your questions for our panelists.   Be sure to check out our new page on turning your dissertation into a book, with submissions from Laura Otis and a list of books for further reading.  The folks at the GECC Happy Hour at the Church Brewery made the short wait for tables well worth it.  The business meeting was full of  attendees and ideas for next year.  Many thanks to all of you who took part and shared your thoughts with us!  We look forward to another chance to make a difference in the HSS experience for grads and early careerists in Phoenix in 2009.