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Research Opportunity July 8, 2009

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A four-university consortium based out of Florida State University recently received funding from the National Science Foundation to support one graduate student who will participate in a 30-month research project on the ways in which historic and contemporary conceptualizations of the Arctic are impacting state and non-state actors’ proposals for exercising sovereignty in the region. The project, titled “Territorial Imaginaries and Arctic Sovereignty Claims,” incorporates the following conceptual foci:

– international relations theory (including but not limited to post-structuralist IR theory)
– political geography (especially work on critical geopolitics, constructions of territory/territoriality, and nation-building)
– anthropology of northern peoples
– international law (especially with reference to the Arctic and the Law of the Sea)
– global governance institutions
– political economy of resource extraction
– political economy of transportation
– social theories of materiality and virtuality
history of science and exploration
– Arctic studies

Potential graduate students should have previous training in at least one of these research areas and an interest in pursuing further knowledge in several of these areas. Experience with qualitative research software (or a desire to learn this software) also would be desirable.

Senior investigators on the project are Lead PI Phil Steinberg (Geography @ Florida State), PIs Hannes Gerhardt (Geosciences @ West Georgia) and Jeremy Tasch (Geography & Environmental Planning @ Towson), and Faculty Associates Ron Doel (History @ Florida State) and Rob Shields (Sociology @ Alberta).

The student would be enrolled in the Department of Geography at Florida State under the direction of Dr. Steinberg. The graduate student could begin studies as early as Autumn 2009 or as late as Autumn 2010.

Please contact Phil Steinberg at psteinbe@fsu.edu or +1 850 644 8378 if you’re interested or if you have a graduating student whom you think might be interested.

Thank you,

Phil Steinberg


Phil Steinberg
Professor, Department of Geography
Director, Social Science & Public Affairs Living-Learning Community
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2190 USA
Phone: +1 850 644 8378
Fax: +1 850 644 5913
Personal website: http://garnet.acns.fsu.edu/~psteinbe


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