HSS 2009 Updates

Please keep checking back for updates on our HSS 2009 page. Latest annoucements include roommate finder and childcare options!


Childcare Cooperative for the History of Science Society Annual Meeting 2009

To address a much talked about need at HSS meetings, the Graduate and Early Career Caucus and Women’s Caucus of HSS are coordinating a childcare cooperative for the HSS Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, November 19-22. For reasons of liability, the Society cannot, legally, be involved in coordinating or providing childcare, so it is up to us, the members and conference participants, to do so. We will be using a commons room in the meeting hotel for our cooperative care arrangements.  Additionally, the local arrangements committee has provided a list of local child care providers on its web site for those who wish to use those services: http://cbs.asu.edu/hss/resources.php#childcare. Continue reading