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Job searches at the Graduate and Early Career Caucus Blog January 22, 2012

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The GECC conducted a survey at the recent HSS meeting in Cleveland and the results were clear that the graduate students and recent graduates are mostly concerned about jobs. While the officers of GECC cannot give you a job, there are some things we can do to help those of you looking for work or thinking ahead to your post-degree life.

The first thing we have done is created a job links page.  We pulled together as many sites as we could find that either discuss academic job hunts or post jobs relevant to the young historian of science. We have consciously decided to interpret “relevant” pretty broadly to include public history and museum jobs and are on the look out for other, non-traditional places for which to provide links. We welcome any suggestions to make this page more robust and complete.

The second new step we are taking is posting interesting jobs that may not necessarily cross the path or pique the interest of historians of science. While many of these will be outside of academia, many will but be in departments other than history or history of science. We hope  that our members will think about applying for these positions, of course, but we also hope each post will encourage all historians of science to think outside the proverbial box when planning their job search.

The first installment, which will be posted later today, features a job in the Honors College at Arizona State University. We hope that it not only inspires those looking for work to apply, but also encourage to look deeper at positions that may not seem to be strictly for a historian of science.

Good luck on your job search and, as with all things GECC, this service is only as good as you make it. Please email your suggestions and entries to hss.gecc@gmail.com.


1. John - March 1, 2012

That’s really nice, I am looking out for graduate jobs to start with my career. Thanks for sharing this post.

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