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Consider a Poster Session at the HSS Meeting in San Diego February 10, 2012

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The HSS call for papers and posters has been issued and submissions are due April 2, 2012. Most of us don’t think about presenting our work as a poster, yet there are several reasons to consider it. For some, presenting a poster is less intimidating and provides a more natural way of interacting with your topic and those interested in your research. A poster has the potential of greater exposure because a number of people can walk by, see your poster, and talk to you about your work either then or by contacting you later. It is a good way to present exploratory research. A poster allows you to circulate your name in association with an area of research and is a great way to network with others working in similar areas. A poster requires you to think in new ways (especially visually) about your topic.  Once you make the poster you can submit it to other conferences or display it on your campus. Poster presentations can open doors to opportunities. To find out more about submitting a poster for the next HSS annual meeting, see http://www.hssonline.org/Meeting/2012HSSMeeting/HSS_2012_CFP.pdf.


1. Mike - February 13, 2012

Those are some great points especially about networking and creating valuable connections. I hope you receive a lot of response for your poster presentation!

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