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Featured Job: A STEM Oral Historian at The HistoryMakers April 22, 2012

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Even when job seekers think outside the proverbial academic box, few graduate students or newly minted PhD’s in the history of science look outside of a given set of potential employers. We all want to work for a college or university, a museum, or maybe a government agency.  But there are a large number of private, independent contractors and consultants who provide a host of history related services such researching and writing histories, conducting oral histories, legal research, historic preservation services, and providing archival and records management services. This week’s featured job is for a STEM Oral Historian for The HistoryMakers. an American, 501(c)(3) non-profit educational institution committed to preserving, developing and providing easy access to an internationally recognized archival collection African American video oral histories.

The HistoryMakers is looking for  an experienced, full-time STEM oral historian to conduct 3-4 hour videotaped interviews of accomplished African American scientists as part of a nationwide ScienceMakers National Science Foundation STEM initiative.  The opening calls for someone  literate in STEM fields,  with a talent for explaining STEM concepts in layman’s terms,  possibly with a background in science journalism, and someone who keeps up on scientific journals and science events. While this position does not ask for a historian of science explicitly, it seems perfect for those historians of science who keep abreast of scientific advances. And those students who are in the early stages of their education should note that these types of positions often require skills outside of what is typically taught in traditional history of science programs. It behooves students to get additional skills like oral history, museum exhibition, museum education, historic preservation, or legal research and writing, just to name a few, while still in graduate school.


Position Announcement on H-Net.

The HistoryMakers web site.

National Council on Public History’s web page on consultants complete with a list of resources and public history consultants organized by state.



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