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Call for Papers: Science Fiction & Fictions in Science October 26, 2012

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Call for Papers: Science Fiction & Fictions in Science

An interdisciplinary graduate symposium to be held at Rutgers University, Friday, March 1st, 2013, with keynote speaker Rosalind Williams of M.I.T.

Sponsored by Natura: A Working Group in History of Science and Epistemology.

Potential themes and topics may include (but are not limited to):
* Possible Worlds Theory, the Multiverse Hypothesis, and the ontology of fictional worlds
* Form and formalism in science and SF
* Empirical writing, technical writing
* Metaphor in technology and scientific modeling
* Miracles, wonders, and unrepeatable results
* Historical narratives of or in science
* Alien abduction, Spiritualism, Mesmerism
* Demonstration and theatricality in science and technology
* Experimentalism in writing, art, practice
* Scientific realism versus anti-realism
* Graphs, Charts, and the role of visual presentations in scientific papers and journalism
* Cyberpunk, Postmodernism, Extropianism

Interested faculty or post-doctoral researchers are welcome to contact us about potential roles as panel moderators or respondents.



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