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“Your Work in One Minute” Workshop March 29, 2013

Posted by sandyclaus in Annual Meeting, Call For Papers.
The HSS Graduate and Early Career Caucus would like to solicit proposals and participation in a session at the upcoming HSS Meeting in Boston.
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The “Your Work in One Minute” Workshop

The HSS Graduate and Early Career Caucus is hosting a workshop on the craft of the pitch. How do you explain your research, passion and work in a minute or less? Whether you are seeking a job, grants or admission, the articulate pitch is a critical skill for the early careerist and established professional alike. This workshop session focuses on improving critical short-format communications in a workgroup setting. Participants will leave with more confidence and a short presentation on their own work.

If you would like to facilitate or participate, contact hss.gecc@gmail.com

For more on the sessions developing for HSS Boston, see:




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