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Looking for GECC at HSS Boston? November 21, 2013

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Looking for GECC at HSS Boston?

Harpoon Brewery
Thursday from 8:30-10pm
Location: Harpoon Brewery
Meet us early and make conference connections at the Harpoon Brewery at 306 Northern Avenue. Relax and let your hair down. Build connections, raise a pretzel, tip a pint, and get to know your fellow scholars over brew and good company. A presence on the Boston waterfront since 1986, Harpoon is a brewpub founded by beer lovers. (See map on the back of this page.)

Teaching Outside the Discipline
Broaden Your Audience
Friday from 12-1:15pm
Location: Revere
This year the GECC is pleased to sponsor the session, “Teaching History of Science Outside the Discipline” organized by Rebecca Kinraide. This discussion session explores teaching the History of Science in new contexts for new communities.
“Your Work in One Minute”
Friday from 8:45-10pm
Location: Adams
Join GECC and David Attis (Higher Education Researcher, Education Advisory Board) for an evening workshop,“Your Work in One Minute.” Work with your peers to create a concise and engaging pitch for your own scholarship–then put it to work right away!

Business Meeting
Saturday from 12-1pm
Location: Douglass
Come to the business meeting and signup to help out with future GECC events. Let us know what we are doing right. Let us know what you would like to see. Meet your fellow scholars and talk about future events for GECC. We’re looking for session ideas, new officers, and any thoughts on how the HSS can support graduate students and early career scholars. Also, find us in the lobby near Starbucks ahead of Saturday’s reception.



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