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GECC Business Meeting Minutes – HSS 2015 January 23, 2016

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Quick rehash of the GECC Business Meeting

Feel free to contribute to the conversation yourself by adding comments below! We’re always looking for fresh ideas and ways to improve the graduate student experience both at HSS Conferences and away.


Meeting Minutes – November 20th, 2015, 12:00pm, Georgian Room (Mezzanine Level), Westin St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco, California.

  • Order of Business
    • Social Media
    • Outreach
    • CV Reviews
    • Mentorship
  • Minutes begin:
    • Officer introductions
      • Overlapping terms of 2 years
    • Desired feedback about future (of) programs; dealing with the costs
    • Open forum
    • Workshop with Emma Williams from Elsevier
  • Introductions
    • Emmie Miller, communications officer
      • Description of content on blog: scholar profiles, professionalization themed informational blogs; Facebook, links to blog posts, CFPs, job postings; mirrors the Twitter
    • Thomas Darragh, CV Reviews
      • CV Reviewer, description; organizes and coordinates CV reviewers and people receiving reviews
      • Reforming position: professionalization coordinator?
      • Outsourcing services not under our mission statement to other caucuses, like possibly the Women’s Mentorship Tea
    • Courtney Thompson, Mentorship Officer
      • Organizes and facilitates Women’s Tea
      • Mentorship Program
    • Bridget Collins, Chair
      • Delivers reports to HSS
      • Organizes GECC Mixer
      • Sponsoring sessions; having a session or workshop
    • Tasks needed to be fulfilled: improvement of database of international programs
  • 3 Societies, HSS + PSA (Atlanta)
    • Stronger presence to support students without caucuses, such as PSA
    • Getting in touch with PSA to garner attention for their students, in addition to at 3 Societies
  • Publisher Relationships
    • Role of publishers in the mentorship program; sponsorship, funding, working with early careerists
  • Feedback – Future of Programs
    • Challenges we’ve been facing
      • Mentorship – too few mentors
      • Mentors – “I have nothing to offer”
      • More diversity
      • Putting limits on it; capping the number of students, only graduate students, deadlines, one-time service, undergraduates
      • Female mentors for tea
      • Doesn’t have to be a faculty member
      • (SSSS has more junior people as mentors)
      • List of mentors not possible for fairness reasons
    • Dawn Digrius – geography, types of historians of science
      • Meeting in Atlanta, which local programs
    • Real struggle with mentors?
      • Influence of HSS
        • Emails for us
        • We email departments
      • Publishers could help
        • Not just for career advice
        • People want something network-y
      • 1/5 said yes, not always what you need or want
      • How to get more senior scholars
  • No time for tea!
    • Discussion there
    • Expensive, $200 anonymous; co-chair with Women’s Caucus
      • Curtail costs, labor distribution
  • CV Review
    • Wrangle, response
      • Plenty of reviewers, smaller #s of students
  • Elections
    • Bridget, chair
    • Courtney, co-chair
    • Thomas, mentorship
    • Emmie, communications officer
      • Kele, co-communications officer
    • Professionalization Coordinator – ?
  • Emma Williams Workshop