HSS 2014: Roommates

Use the comments in this space to find roommates for the 2014 History of Science Society annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois 6-9 November 2014. (Click here to learn about all of the GECC sponsored events at the annual meeting.)

When posting your needs be sure to mention your requirements for your roommate, whether or not you have already booked a room and where, and what dates you will be staying.

Neither GECC nor HSS screens roommates and neither group is responsible for matches.


7 thoughts on “HSS 2014: Roommates

  1. Hello all. I have a double room booked from the 5th to 10th Nov. I am willing to share and split the cost. Please email me at animesh.chatterjee12@alumni.imperial.ac.uk

    However, please remember that my coming to the conference depends solely on my getting a visa to come to the US (which I will hopefully get, but can’t be too sure about the people at the consulate).

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