HSS 2007 Annual Meeting

The History of Science Society’s 2007 annual meeting was held in Arlington, Virginia, Washington DC on November 1 – 4, 2007. To learn more, visit the official website.

HSS GECC had its first caucus meeting at the History of Science Society meeting in 2007. Minutes of the meeting are available on this website. See the First Caucus Meeting: Minutes page on the menu on the right side of this page. The minutes can also be downloaded at: grad-students-and-early-careerist-caucus-nov-2007-meeting-minutes.doc


One thought on “HSS 2007 Annual Meeting

  1. Pardon me for repeating myself, but I thought I’d post this as often as possible:

    Volunteer and Attend HSS Annual Meeting for Free

    Graduate students are invited to volunteer at the HSS registration desk for 4.5 hours and have their registration fee waived. You will still be responsible for paying for dinner, hotel, transportation, and all incidentals, but working for HSS during the Meeting will earn you free registration. Contact Matthew White in the HSS office at matt@hssonline.org for more information.

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