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First Caucus Meeting: Agenda

We’ll have our inaugural meeting as a group at the 2007 HSS annual meeting in Washington D.C., where we can ratify the group’s mission statement, goals, and discuss future plans.

For the first caucus meeting we would like to set up a meeting agenda. Current agenda items include:

If you have additional items that you would like to see added to the agenda, please let us know by submitting comments here at the HSS GECC or emailing us at hss.gecc at gmail dot com



1. Matthew White - September 19, 2007

Volunteer and Attend HSS Annual Meeting for Free

Graduate students are invited to volunteer at the HSS registration desk for 4.5 hours and have their registration fee waived. You will still be responsible for paying for dinner, hotel, transportation, and all incidentals, but working for HSS during the Meeting will earn you free registration. Contact Matthew White in the HSS office at matt@hssonline.org for more information.

2. hsssalon - November 1, 2007

Colleagues: Here is a tenative/probably very-close-to-final agenda for the meeting on Friday, Nov 2 at noontime at HSS. Please comment with any last-minute brilliant ideas, changes, etc.


Agenda of the Inaugural Meeting of the HSS Graduate and Early Career Caucus

1. Introductions and icebreakers

2. Brief history: who are we and why do we need a caucus? Intro to our blog and what we’ve done so far

3. Decide on caucus structure and procedures

4. Nomination and election of co-chairs/other officers

5. Caucus objectives, which includes discussion of mentoring events, job postings, creation of interest group networks, and maximizing contact with our international members.

7. Creation of SIGs: mentoring, outreach, etc.

8. Development of milestones for the caucus for its first year of operation

9. Nature of our web presence as a group, in particular, what kinds of tools/forums/resources/services etc will be most useful for us all.

10. NSF grant presentation/discussion

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