HSS 2008: Roommates

Need Roommates?

If you wish to share a room, but need to find roommates, the GECC is at your service!  Post a message to this page requesting roommates to share.  Be sure to indicate whether you already have a room in your name or will need one and state your preferences: smoking/non-smoking, male/female, etc.

NB: The GECC does not coordinate these requests.  It is up to you to check back often and connect with others needing rooms or roommates.

Register Early for HSS 2008 Hotel Rooms

Because of a local sports event near the conference hotel, HSS is encouraging attendees to register early for HSS 2008 in Pittsburgh.  This is especially true for graduate students who benefit from a limited number of rooms at reduced rates at the Omni William Penn Hotel.

From the HSS website: “A limited number of rooms have been set aside for graduate students which provide a $40 discount on the full HSS price. One these rooms are booked, graduate students must pay full price. To register as a graduate student click here. Note that graduate students must book by 6 October to receive the discounted rate.” **Update: All the Grad Student Rate Rooms have now been reserved.  Please reserve rooms at the regular rate!**


12 thoughts on “HSS 2008: Roommates

  1. Hi! Graduate student from LA looking (second-time attendee) for female roommate or cheaper lodging options for the conference. Non-smoking and already have a room booked in my name but am willing to either room or consider other lodging options. Please contact me or let me know asap! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

  2. I’m a graduate in the University of Pittsburgh’s HPS department. My husband and I live in Pittsburgh and we can house one person for the conference. The hotel is a good half-hour city bus ride away from our home, but I’ll be attending most of the conference and you’ll usually be able to ride with me. First one to respond to this message has dibs:
    k r h 4 7 (at) p i t t . e d u

  3. In response to Elisabeth Y.: I’m a graduate student from University of Wisconsin and am interested in sharing a room for HSS. There’s another student from UW who may also want to share the room, if we’re comfortable sharing beds to save money. Please let me know as soon as possible if you still have space available and whether you booked early enough to get the grad rate. Thanks.

  4. Hi,

    I’m an asst prof looking to save some money because I’ve waited too long to book a room! I’ve got one at the Westin that I’d like to share, but I’m also happy to cancel that and share an existing room at the Omni or Doubletree. I’ll be there for the whole conference.

  5. Hi All,

    I am a postdoc fellow, and I have a room at the DoubleTree Hotel for two nights (6th and 7th), and I am looking for someone to share it with. It has been booked under my name. The two nights come out to $285 – we can split it in half. Please feel free to email me at: omar.nasim@gmail.com


  6. I have a room at the OMNI hotel, but no roomies. If you or someone you know is in need of a room and willing to share the cost, then contact me.

    Room rate: $125/night
    Duration: Thursday check-in & Sunday check-out
    2 double-beds
    Non-smoking, I think.
    Prefer to share with females.

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