Childcare Cooperative for the History of Science Society Annual Meeting 2009

To address a much talked about need at HSS meetings, the Graduate and Early Career Caucus and Women’s Caucus of HSS are coordinating a childcare cooperative for the HSS Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, November 19-22. For reasons of liability, the Society cannot, legally, be involved in coordinating or providing childcare, so it is up to us, the members and conference participants, to do so. We will be using a commons room in the meeting hotel for our cooperative care arrangements.  Additionally, the local arrangements committee has provided a list of local child care providers on its web site for those who wish to use those services:

How the cooperative will work:

1. Please email Gina Rumore ( with the following information by October 16:

  • Number of children
  • Age of children
  • When you need childcare
  • When you are available to provide childcare (you most certainly may volunteer to provide childcare even if you don’t require childcare!)

2. After the deadline, we will compile the needs and availability and circulate a spreadsheet to all those who responded showing when we have coverage and when we need coverage. We must have two adults with the children at all times.

3. Once we have heard back from everyone on the childcare spreadsheet, we will circulate a final schedule to all cooperative participants.

Please be aware that a request for childcare does not mean that there will be childcare available. Childcare will only be available during times we can coordinate to have two adults in the room with the children. We will do our best to accommodate, but it is up to you, the members, to provide the service.

This cooperative is very much a grassroots effort put together by several members of HSS who would like to see regular childcare at our conferences. If childcare is something you would like to have at future conferences, please get involved. If the demand this year is sufficient, we may be able to raise funds for more formal childcare arrangements in the future.

Thank You,

The HSS Graduate and Early Career Caucus and The HSS Women’s Caucus


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