HSS 2009: GECC Events

The GECC would like to announce the following two panels and film screening that have been accepted for the upcoming annual meeting:

I’ve Got a Ph.D. in the History of Science, Now What? Historians at work in a down economy on Saturday, 11/21 at 9-11:45am

Most scholars who pursue Ph.D.s in the history of science anticipate going on to careers in academia; after all, our advisors are the role models that we see every day. Yet there simply aren’t enough faculty positions to go around (and, of course, not everyone wishes to pursue the professorial dream). The realities of a constricting job market and the wide variety of options open to historians suggest that we should widen our perspective. This panel discussion brings together four senior scholars in the history of science and a flm maker to present the non-academic career paths they have taken and to answer questions from scholars interested in learning more about alternative career paths post-Ph.D. as well as strategies for keeping their scholarly ambitions alive in a tough job market.

Digital Media in the History of Science on Saturday, 11/21 at 1:30-3:10pm

Digital media are fast becoming readily available resources for
researchers either beginning their dissertations, for instructors in
the classroom, or professional historians embarking on new projects.
with the wealth of material being digitized each day, and the turn
toward digital communications, how does one navigate digital resources?
How does one construct or utilize them to their advantage? This
workshop will demonstrate how to locate, use and cite digital materials
for the history of science. Useful for graduate students just beginning
their Ph.D. research, graduate students in the process of gathering
research, or professional historians who are not familiar with or do
not use digital resources. During the workshop, panel participants will
share their experiences with the audience through verbal, textual and
visual communications. This workshop, co-sponsored by the GECC and the
CoRP intends to expose members to the myriad of digital resources
available at their disposal, and the applications these new media can

History of Science in Film: A Screening of Proteus and a Conversation with Director David Lebrun on Saturday, 11/21 at 3:30-5:30pm

Please check back for additional information and rooms.


Annual Business Meeting: The Graduate and Early Career Caucus would like to know if there are particular issues that you would like added to the annual meeting agenda. The meeting will be held on Saturday from 12:00-1:15 in the Cowboy Artists Room. The meeting will include an overview of GECC activities this year, elections of new GECC officers, a discussion regarding panels and programming for next year, and a raffle! Please contact us at hss.gecc@gmail.com with any issues/topics/concerns that you would like to have considered for inclusion in the meeting agenda.



Mentoring and Newcomer Mixer, Thursday, 11/19 at 7-7:45 Ellis Room West

Friday night Happy Hour, Steve’s Green House Grill on Friday between 5-8pm. Steve’s is a self-described “eclectic American Bar and Grill” and they have happy hour specials until six p.m. on Friday. This is a chance to meet up with other junior scholars for some food, drink, and relaxation. We’ll continue the merriment at the GECC friday night party back at the hotel.

GECC Friday Party:  8-11 p.m. in Suite  320, snacks provided, BYOB.


Childcare Cooperative: Ongoing during the meeting, please contact Gina Rumore for details (grumore@umn.edu).



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