HSS 2009: GECC Officer Openings

The HSS GECC will be nominating a new co-chair (promoting a current officer), an officer to replace the incoming co-chair, and a mentorship program officer during the 2009 HSS Annual Meeting. Please consider volunteering for these leadership positions, self-nominations encouraged! 

HSS GECC Mentorship Program Officer

The HSS Mentorship program brings together junior and senior members at the annual History of Science Society meetings. The program is open to all meeting participants: senior scholars volunteer their time and attention to younger scholars to help them feel at home and enjoy the meeting and to acquaint themselves with other meeting participants and HSS.

Program officer duties include:

a) Inform HSS members of the program: information channels include HSS Newsletter, HSS online, GECC blog, GECC list-serv, Women’s Caucus list-serv, interest groups/forums’ list-servs. Create messages, advertisements and instructions to be sent to these forums and program participants in cooperation with GECC Information Officer.

b) Manage the HSS GECC Mentorship Program Officer’s e-mail account, currently at HSSmentorship@gmail.com, password from current officer.

c) Take care of secretarial duties concerning the program. These include:

I) Contacting and informing participants after initial application to the program

II) Finding an older scholar to pair mentor volunteers with mentees. Contacting and informing the older scholar responsible for partnering participants, including the distribution of applications and negotiating the annual schedule concerning the program

III) Contacting and negotiating with HSS executive office concerning the annual schedule and needs of the program at the annual conference

IV) Creating the annual timetable for the program

V) Gathering information via survey after the annual meeting, analyzing the information, and suggesting changes to the program, its documents or protocol based on the input.

VI) Archive the documents concerning the program and the data gathered in cooperation with GECC Information Officer

2. Suggested annual schedule:

I) Analyze survey and data gathered from last year’s meeting with preceding Mentorship officer so that information is available in January’s GECC officers’ meeting.

II) Make appropriate changes to protocols by March. Negotiate changes with GECC officers, HSS office, or other parties of interest as appropriate.

III) Advertise Mentorship program throughout the year: post instructions and guidelines for mentors and mentees at least two weeks before the annual meeting CFP deadline.

IV) Negotiate with last year’s volunteers and/or Women’s Caucus, who will/might volunteer to do the partnering before summer break. Decide the program application deadline for that year in cooperation with older scholar, who should be given at least 3 weeks to do the partnering.

V) Advertise the program application deadline in September (was September for 2009 and 2nd cfp October 7. Mentees should contact their mentors at least 3 weeks before the conference in order to schedule a time to meet.

VI) Send out partner info with further instructions pertaining to that year to partners at least one month before annual meeting.

VII) Send out a reminder regarding first contact to younger scholars three weeks before conference.

VIII) Gather info on drop-outs two weeks before conference and take appropriate action.

IX) At the annual meeting, meet with the participants at the newcomers gathering.

Special tasks to consider for 2010 include: devise a distribution system for calls for participation and determine any new informational channels, increase program participation, consider devising a method for the organization of an ad-hoc mentorship experience, i.e. protocols and forms for a system in which mentees could find themselves mentors during the (early) conference.


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