HSS 2009: Mentorship Program

Need a little encouragement to chat with senior scholars at the annual HSS Meeting? Want to help younger scholars feel at home at the conference? Participate in the HSS Mentorship program at Phoenix, November 19-22, 2009.

The Mentorship program is designed to bring first-time attendees at the HSS Meeting together with a more experienced colleague together in a collegial spirit – communicating one’s ideas and interests in the conference atmosphere can be quite exciting for the first-timer, while a more seasoned colleague may find sharing their knowledge very satisfying.

Participation in this program requires some preparation. The first-time attendees and mentors’ first point of contact is the program officer at HSSmentorship@gmail.com by September 7, 2009. Please consult the Mentorship program guidelines at https://hssgecc.wordpress.com/mentorship-program/ for further directions.

The participants are paired on the grounds of shared scholarly interest by Joan Cadden (HSS Women’s Caucus) in October. The junior scholars are expected to contact their mentors by the beginning of November in order to “touch base,” to communicate their interests and goals for the Meeting, as well as to schedule a meeting time during the conference.

Thank you for your participation!


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