HSS 2013 CV Review – Sign Up Now

Need a critical eye on the most important document in
your professional presentation?

The CV Review offers early careerists a chance to sharpen
their CV and learn from an experienced scholar. Just what
will be seen as valuable on your CV? How do you sell your
individual strengths? Does your CV have a red flag on it?

Only 6 slots left. Click below to sign up.

Jobs in Academic Institutions (History, Humanities and Sociology) – 2 – 4 PM Friday

Jobs in Academia and Academic Publishing – 8 – 9 AM Saturday

We are also looking for volunteers to serve as docents for these sessions, greeting the CV reviewer, throttling the flow of CV reviewees, and generally making sure things flow smoothly.  Email hss.gecc@gmail.com to volunteer.


5 thoughts on “HSS 2013 CV Review – Sign Up Now

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  2. I am a little confused by the sign-in. When I click on one of the links above I am taken to a sign in page which I assume I am supposed to use to reserve a spot. But there are several blanks I don’t think are for me like “Volunteer” and “Notes.” Do I just click the boxes to the far left and leave my name at the bottom? Am I supposed to tell you which volunteer I want? Is there a list?

    Sorry to be such a problem, but I’d like to take advantage of this.

  3. Yep, just to echo the above, it’s not clear how to sign up for the CV review. The only sign up slots appear to be for faculty volunteers… perhaps we’re supposed to email gecc? Thanks for providing the service!

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