HSS 2013: Roommates

Use the comments in this space to find roommates for the 2013 History of Science Society annual meeting in Boston, Massachusetts 21-24 November 2013. (Click here to learn about all of the GECC sponsored events at the annual meeting.)

When posting your needs be sure to mention your requirements for your roommate, whether or not you have already booked a room and where, and what dates you will be staying.

Neither GECC nor HSS screens roommates and neither group is responsible for matches.


32 thoughts on “HSS 2013: Roommates

  1. Hello. I would like to share accommodation during the Boston conference with another graduate student. Thanks, Rafael

  2. Hi, I am looking for a graduate student room mate too, to share the rooms specially reserved for students by the HSS.

      • Just saw this, as I was away traveling. Could you email me at clarissa dot lee at duke? thanks!

      • Oops, looks like you might have found the room mate. Apologies for the tardiness, as I have been behind everything due to my travels last week. Anyone else would still like a room-mate, please email me at the email below. I have a room booked for Nov 20 – 25 through the HSS for grad students rate. Should have clicked the follow-up box when I posted the first time.

      • Hi Tamara- would be happy to get in touch about sharing a room (haven’t heard back form Clarissa) All the best, Rachel

  3. Are any girls still looking for a roommate? I have not booked a room yet, and am interested in staying from November 21st-November 24th. If anyone has a room available please let me know!

  4. Hi Elisabeth,
    I’ve already requested a room at the student price with two double beds, and I’d be happy to share with you. My email is csz4ak@virginia.edu. Can you send me an email and we can sort out the details?


  5. I have reserved a double graduate student double room at the Westin. And I’m happy to share and split the cost! Contact me if you are looking for a person to room with while at the conference. Let me know if you have questions about the details. John (ralaniz@ucsd.edu)

  6. I am a female, and I am looking for a room to share.I will spend 4 nights( Oct 20-Oct 23). If I can share a room with one/ several some students in the Westin Hotel, that’s better but not necessary. Please send to zhangzhh@ihns.ac.cn. Welcome to your reply.

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