Mentorship Guidance

The HSS Mentorship Program brings together emerging and experienced scholars at the annual History of Science Society meetings. The program is open to all meeting participants: senior scholars volunteer their time and attention to help newer scholars to feel at home and enjoy the meeting and to acquaint themselves with HSS members and the organization. The program is sponsored by the HSS Graduate and Early Career Caucus.

How to Request a Mentor?

Please sign up via the form on the Graduate and Mentorship Sign up. If you have any problems with the process please contact our Mentorship Program Officer at The information you provide is used to pair you with your mentor or mentee. We may not find a “perfect” match for you but will attempt to match research interests, professional goals, and geographical/language considerations.

What to expect from the GECC Mentorship Program:

  1. After the deadline has passed for signing up to be a mentor or mentee you will receive an email pairing you with a mentor or mentee.
    1. Expectations of Mentee:
      • Inform your mentor and the Mentorship Program Officer as soon as possible if you are dropping out of the program or the meeting. No shows may not be allowed to participate in the program in the future.
      • Be professional. Although this is an informal program, we hope that all participants conduct themselves in a professional manner. Mentees should consider sending their mentor their CV prior to the conference.
      • Be proactive. Get in touch with your mentor as soon as possible. Communicate clearly. Your mentor is there to help you. Tell your mentor what kind of support would benefit you or what you most need help with or advice about. Mentors who cannot help you directly with a particular aspect of your intellectual or professional development can probably introduce you to someone who can.
    2. Responsibilities of Mentor:
      • Negotiate and plan the mentorship experience with your mentee in advance of the meeting through e-mail communication. Suggest various ways in which you can help, based on your experience and expertise: you are expected to help your partner derive the maximum benefit of a limited time-frame, including discussing the conference beforehand, navigating the conference itself, and professional networking (i.e. introducing your mentee to people with congruent research interests).
      • Arrange a meeting with your partner as early in the conference as possible. 
      • Inform your partner and the mentorship program officer if you need to cancel your attendance at the meeting or the mentorship program as soon as possible.
  2. Meet with your mentor/mentee at the conference.
    1. Responsibilities of Mentor:
      • Arrive to your meeting on time and prepared. Respect the time and effort that your mentor has volunteered to be of aid to you.
    2. Responsibilities of Mentor:
      • After you have decided where and when to meet the mentor and mentee should consider, and perhaps even prepare, any questions or experiences that they think will facilitate the relationship. For example, in addition to discussing research, what advice can be given or is needed about professional development, job hunting, conducting research, presenting at conferences, or work-life balance?
  3. Upon leaving the conference or arriving back home:
    • A follow-up conversation may prove useful to discuss how you might stay in contact, any new questions or concerns that arose during the conference, or what you found most valuable about the mentorship relationship.
  4. Please fill out the post-conference survey that will be emailed to you in December.



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