Roommate Finder and Cab Share

Utilize the comments section below to post Cabyour needs regarding finding roommates and shared cabs for the annual meeting in Toronto.

Be sure not to share sensitive personal information on this page, but do use this resource to connect with other meeting attendees by sharing email addresses, rough estimates of arrival and departure times, etc.


2 thoughts on “Roommate Finder and Cab Share

  1. Hello Everyone! I’m looking for a female roommate for the HSS conference at the Sheraton. I plan to arrive Nov 9 and depart Nov 11. I have my name down for a room in the grad student block, looking for another student to split the cost with. Thanks!

  2. Hi All,

    I’m planning on volunteering to cut the costs of the HSS conference, but that still doesn’t cover housing. I’ve been looking at Airbnb and found some good deals just walking distance to the Sheraton. I’ll be there the entire time. Let me know if anyone wants to split the costs of the Airbnb rental.Thank you!

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