Emerging from a collective consensus that the creation of a graduate student and early career caucus within HSS would greatly benefit the next generation of scholars, the GECC is working to improve resource offerings for these groups in the coming year.

The chairs and officers are graduate students and early career members of HSS, who act as liaisons between the standing committees of the HSS and the student/early career constituency. The objective of the group is to facilitate communication between caucus members and HSS regarding their concerns, issues, and ideas, as well as potentially having representation on HSS committees in the future.  Current projects include a mentoring program, partnering with the Women’s Caucus to produce the HSS Employment Survey, as well as sponsoring a session and social events at the annual meeting.

In 2007, we had our inaugural meeting as a group at the HSS annual meeting in Washington D.C., where we discussed the group’s mission statement, goals, and discuss future plans.  In the following year, we started a blog as our primary means of communicating with members.

In 2008, we kicked off the mentoring program, sponsored our first session on turning dissertations into a books, and began a new tradition of a GECC happy hour event.  In the business meeting, members elected new officers and discussed session possibilities and resources to make available in 2009.

In 2009, we became an official caucus within HSS!  After soliciting members for session ideas, we sponsored a session at HSS in Phoenix on finding and applying for jobs in outside of academia and participated in a second session on digital teaching resources.  HSS Executive Office sponsored an official mixer on Thursday night for mentors and mentees, and we continued our regular slew of events, including happy hour and the Saturday GECC business meeting.  Thanks to all who attended!  You are helping to shape the GECC.

Since 2009 we have GECC has continued to sponsor sessions, including “Bringing Science to the Public: What Can the Science Studies Scholar Do?” and “Your Work in One Minute.” In 2012 we began offering the popular CV review.

Officers, 2014
Co-chairs (and HSS session organizers):
Rachel Mason Dentinger, King’s College London
Sanford Clark, Case Western Reserve University

Information Officer:
Bridget Collins, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Mentorship Program Officer:
Courtney Thompson, Yale University

CV Review Program Officer:
Thomas Darragh, Central Michigan University

Officers, 2013

Co-chairs (and HSS session organizers): Nathan Crowe, Arizona State University and Rachel N. Mason Dentinger, Imperial College London
Information Officer: Sanford Clark, Case Western Reserve University
Mentorship Program Officer: Bridget Collins, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Officers, 2012
Co-chairs (and HSS session organizers): Nathan Crowe, Arizona State University and Melinda Gormley, University of Notre Dame
Information Officer: Matthew White, University of Florida
Mentorship Program Officer: Rachel N. Mason Dentinger, Independent Scholar

Officers, 2011
Co-chairs (and HSS session organizers):
Nathan Crowe, University of Minnesota
Melinda Gormley, Michigan State University
Gina Rumore, University of Minnesota

Nathan Crowe, University of North Carolina-Wilmington
Jacqueline Wernimont, Scripps College
Dawn Mooney Digrius, Stevens Institute of Technology

Information Officer: Matthew White, University of Florida

Communications Officer: Giny Cheong, George Mason University

Mentorship Program Officers:
Rachel N. Mason Dentinger, Independent Scholar
Cera Lawrence, University of Arizona

Officers 2010
Gina Rumore, Co-chair
Nathan Crowe, Co-chair
Jacqueline Wernimont, Ex-officio
Lynnette Regouby, Ex-officio
Matthew White, Information Office
Giny Cheong, Communications Officer
Rachel N Mason Dentinger, Mentorship Program Officers
Cera Lawrence, Mentorship Program Officers

Officers 2009

Officers 2007-2008
Dawn Mooney Digrius, Co-chair
Jacqueline Wernimot, Co-chair
Suzanne Fischer, Co-chair
Lynnette Regouby, Coordinator of Communications
Taika Dahlbom, Coordinator of Evaluations

For contact information, please visit the Contact Us page on this blog.

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Welcome All! I do hope to see you at the annual meeting in Washington, D.C. Please be sure to pass this blogsite onto anyone you know who might be interested. Also, ask them to please drop me a quick email so I can add them to the mailing list.
    Dawn Mooney Digrius
    Assistant Professor, History of Science
    Drew University

  2. Our inaugural meeting is scheduled for Friday, 2 November, 2007, at 12:00PM in Salon J. Box lunches will be available outside the salon. We have quite a few items on our agenda, including a presentation by Fred Kronz of NSF- Advice and Tips for funding: Dissertation Research Improvement Grants and Postdoctoral Fellowship Grants. Hope to see you there! If you cannot make the meeting and want to be a part of the HSS GECC, send an email to ddigrius@drew.edu and we can add you to our mailing list.

  3. Hi! Is this the HSS GECC blog? You mentioned such a blog at the recent AHA meeting (in January 2009).

    This is Darryl Myers, Ph.D. candidate at Florida State University. I am working on a dissertation on a subject in the history of biology.

    It was nice meeting you at the AHA! Thanks for your advice and tips. I hope to be in regular communication.

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